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Our E-Commerce Solutions is a  fully customizable online ordering system that we will develop to your specific requirements.

Online Ordering Features

  • Place orders online in seconds
  • Multiple levels of user security
  • Send orders to a manager for approval
  • Receive e-mail confirmations instantly
  • Custom Cost Center catalogs available
  • Generate reports online
  • Enjoy online order-tracking and verification

Online Ordering Advantages

  • Save time and money with instant requisitioning and online ordering
  • Increase control and get instant updates with "e-mail trail" order tracking and verification
  • Maintain peace of mind with completely secure data, access to purchase history, and inventory management reports
  • Simplify your purchase/requisition/fulfillment process

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Did You Know ?

"On average, companies spend $100 on paperwork alone each time they make a purchase. Moving those transactions to the Web could slash costs by 90%."

Fortune Magazine, e-Procurement Analyzed


"E-Procurement reduces a average order processing costs from $100 per order to $15 per order simply by removing administrative processes."

McKinsey & Company research




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